Thursday, February 12, 2009

KRAKEN, a new Cryptozoology journal

The first issue of the Cryptozoology journal, KRAKEN was published in December 2008.

Subtitled "Archives of Cryptozoology", KRAKEN will regularly publish original studies on a particular cryptozoological dossier and other studies dedicated to the epistemology and history of this domain, as well as to the numerous and rich controversies which have risen along its evolution.

In the first issue, the reader will find the transcription of a debate between Bernard Heuvelmans and a group of academics and researchers specialized in UFO studies. In this little-known document which was printed in very small numbers in 1981, the "father of Cryptozoology" discusses questions of method. This text is commented by Pierre Lagrange, editor of KRAKEN.

The editors' wish is to launch a rigorous reflection on the themes pertaining to this domain of research. Since the disappearance of the Journal of the ISC, Cryptozoology and the newsletter which was published by this organization, the study of hidden animals seems to have lost some ground. The editors of KRAKEN believe this is mostly due to the lack of place of publication and exchange.

Département de Cryptozoologie B. Heuvelmans,
Musée cantonal de Zoologie,
Place de la Riponne, 6
CH-1014, Lausanne

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